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27 January 2009 @ 07:15 pm
let me say this clear.
I'll be going on a long hiatus..isk. isk. T-T
my computer is so slow lately that I only managed to download a few things..
not to mention how I struggle to choose whether to download Tego-related or HSJ-related vids..
argh.. I felt like killing myself..

big news. I might..MIGHT go to a boarding school..and it's a big thing for me because .. urgh .. I will be separated from my computer..and that means Tegoshi,Yamajimachii.. isk.isk..

but anyway..
I just wanna say.. I'll miss everything..D:

..[edit] : well, i just figured out after a year in boarding school that I'm able to get online at least once a month..enough to keep me updated :3.. the internet problem is pretty much fixed..now only the school works keep bugging me
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